About Us

     Ascension Lutheran Church was established in 1922 in Danville, Va. 

So, for 100 years, Ascension Lutheran has called Danville Virginia home.  People from all over have been welcomed at the doors.  Memories have been made, families have been raised and the community has been served.     

     This place called Ascension Lutheran Church has served as a safe place to worship, been filled with a multitude of faithful servants serving one purpose, realizing it or not, serving Christ and being the Apostles Christ intended us to be. 

Carry on faithful servants. 

Peace be with you... and also with you. 

Go in peace, serve the Lord.  Thanks be to God!

Word alone.

Faith alone.

Grace alone.

To learn more about the history here at Ascension, click this link.  Dr. Ed White has written a history of Ascension's 100 years.