Chrismons Tree viewing

December 13th-24th 2020

  • Monday - Saturday... 7 - 9 pm
  • Sunday... 3 - 5 pm and 7 - 9 pm

Groups are welcome to call or email the  church office to schedule a week day visit.


Chrismons Patterns


The original patterns and books designed by Mrs. Spencer are also available for purchase along with Cross-stitch Patterns, Samuel Sparrow and the Tree of Light Children's Book and The Chrismonstm Explanation Book.

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Chrismonstm Ornaments were originated and first made for use on the Christmas tree of Ascension Lutheran Church in Danville, Virginia, in 1957 by Mrs. Frances Kipps Spencer, a church member.  The designs were monograms of and symbols for our Lord Jesus Christ.  Because these designs have been used by his followers since biblical times, they are the heritage of all Christians and serve to remind each of us regardless of denomination of the One we follow.  All Chrismonstm Ornaments are made in a combination of white and gold to symbolize the purity and majesty of the Son of God and the Son of Man.

The Chrismonstm Tree tradition has continued at Ascension Lutheran Church for over fifty years.  Mrs. Spencer stated a tree was never finished until someone came to see it and have the story of Christ explained to them through the ornaments.  Today the original ornaments are joined by gifts from around the globe.

Kate Albright
Chrismons™ chairman